Experience the simplicity of Slovenian life.

Slovenia offers a rich tapestry of mountains, forests, pastures and lakes. It is the perfect haven for anyone seeking peace and solitude. It also has a livelier side, in Lake Bled, with cafes, restaurants and bars – but not too lively.

We are situated thirty minutes from Bled, in a small village surrounded by the mountains of the national park. The only noises to be heard are crickets, birds and occasionally the church bell.

We are truly blessed to be surrounded by nature. We have many wild birds, butterflies and deer come to feed from our hay rack. Wild flowers, mushrooms, wild strawberries, redcurrants and wild blueberries grow nearby.

Sundara Prana is a newly renovated farmhouse set in beautiful, unspoilt, Slovenian countryside. We retained some of the original features of the house but added modern conveniences, for comfort.

We are very keen on using organic produce, some of which is grown at Sundara Prana and when this cannot be sourced we ozone generate to remove pesticides and chemicals. We source raw milk, yoghurt, cheese, sour milk and butter from a local farm. Everyone in Slovenia grows their own produce so this works well for us.

The water is cleaner, the air is more pure and the lifestyle is slow and calm. What more could you ask for?

Winter in Slovenia - click the link for video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Exj2zxxAgINP4k9x7uI6GEMUynUIaUFR/view