Couples retreat £599 per person £199 non refundable deposit secures your place.
invest in yourself - you deserve it.
Includes everything but the flight, travel insurance and money for day trips. Flights from London Stansted and Gatwick to Ljubljana. 1 hour 50 minutes.

NEXT WOMEN ONLY RETREATS 6th October to 11th 2020 £549 per person.



I combine my skills to produce a holistic approach to therapy, using counselling skills to work on the mind, yoga to work on the body (and mind) and a healthy diet to work on the physical.
All meals are vegetarian and we are alcohol free.
We will visit Lake Bled on one day and a sound bath will be offered on one evening.
We are both interested in sound healing and have a selection of crystal bowls, Mars planetary gong, Venus planetary gong and Chiron gong, which we use to create a wonderful experience, bathing in vibrational sound.
A far infra - red Sauna is available for use during your stay. This works at a deep level and is amazing for aches and pains. We also have a wood burning hot tub situated outside which we use with Epsom salts to restore vital magnesium to the body.

What people have to say about our retreats:
It relaxed me totally - I haven't had that feeling in a long time.
Care given by Bryanna and Terry - nothing was too much trouble.
A really enjoyable experience, one which I intend to repeat at a date in the future.
The food is delicious and made with love.. I feel cared for a truly loved.
In a safe place you can unburden your troubles and begin to build a future that is worthy of your talents and ambitions.
I loved that it was a small intimate group and loved the vision boards, mantras and meditation.
A beautifully balanced retreat, excellent guidance and tuition also a great selection of activities.
The warmth of the house and the calm energy is amazing. The openness and love of you both is truly special and I have learnt so much in such a short space of time.
Gratitude and heartfelt thanks for opening up your home, your teachings, wisdom and knowledge, without any judgement and suffocation.
Wonderful - Food, walks, sauna, hot tub, workshops, mediations, hospitality, information - all perfect.
A wonderful experience, fun and refreshing. what had the most impact - daily meditation and yoga, hot tub immersion, daytrips and being with nature
click this link for testimonial http://vimeo.com/241145344